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June 2019 Newsletter

Dearest Co-Lab SA family and friends

OMW it's June! How did this happen, it was Happy New Year just yesterday!

Father's Day is around the corner, which by the way, we thought was the perfect opportunity for HIM to spoil YOU again ;)

Kind of like how YOU have to buy cake for everyone else in the office on YOUR birthday, same same, FATHER should spoil MOTHER on his special day too!

If you agree, please feel free to tag him when visiting our online store www.co-labsa.co.za #teameffort #itsallaboutmom #pleaseholdmytiara #itsapleasure

We had an absolutely fabulous first month showcasing some of our Co-Lab SA goodies inside the glitz & glam Gift Boutique that is SMITTEN and celebrated another bedazzling FIRST THURSDAY event this last Thursday, 6th June. If you haven't already done so, please join us for a G&T and some retail therapy at our next SMITTEN First Thursday event which'll take place on the 4th July from 17h00 - 19h00 (for just one weekday night, escape the dinner and bathtime drill and swipe some plastic instead!) Oh so much fun XX


You will have noticed that we have launched 2 new ranges of hand woven baskets. Both the Basotho and Dongola sets are available in 3 sizes and stack perfectly within each other for easy storage. They are well structured and sturdy, suitable for indoor plants, laundry, kiddies toys, lounge blankets, firewood and so much more! They are flying out the door, grab yours now https://co-labsa.co.za/collections/decor-collection/products/the-basotho-basket

Keep well and until next time... be your own kind of beautiful!

Much love
Alli & Sunett XX

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