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Sulebawa Trays  [soo-leh-bah-wah] - Co-Lab SA
Sulebawa Trays  [soo-leh-bah-wah] - Co-Lab SA

Sulebawa Trays [soo-leh-bah-wah]

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The beauty and wonder of nature is that it never goes out of fashion. So whether you decide to use these hand-woven trays as a statement piece on your coffee table or to organise bathroom accessories... the versatility is never ending! Completely natural grasses, spun and woven into functional decor not only supports our Green movement, but also provides a completely neutral colour palette to work from. Available in 3 sizes which can be ordered as singletons or as a trio set.


Large: Diameter 450mm

Medium: Diameter 400mm

Small: Diameter 310mm

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